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Modere Mouth Rinse Is Not Just Mouthwash

Modere has a Mouth Rinse. When most people think of mouthwash they think of Listerine. Itโ€™s been around for decades but only lately have people become aware of the health issues it can cause. The burning sensation is actually a result of the noxious and unsafe alcohols, causing a drying effect in the mouth, killing off good bacteria and increasing your risk of oral cancer. We love Modere Mouth Rinse which not only ticks all the boxes as a good…


Be Healthy, Shopping

Why Shift Stores?

We are all looking for convenience in life and now more than ever. I know I am as well as my daughter, the mother of my two grandboys.  She has long…


Grilled Veggie Quesadilla

What a great Mediterranean twist on a Mexican dish. I have to admit, this is amazing. So yummy and super easy. My new go-to lunch or dinner.       …