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Modere Mouth Rinse Is Not Just Mouthwash

Modere has a Mouth Rinse. When most people think of mouthwash they think of Listerine. It’s been around for decades but only lately have people become aware of the health issues it can cause. The burning sensation is actually a result of the noxious and unsafe alcohols, causing a drying effect in the mouth, killing off good bacteria and increasing your risk of oral cancer.

We love Modere Mouth Rinse which not only ticks all the boxes as a good for you mouthwash but has an amazing hundreds of uses! This makes it the best mouthwash and possibly the best multi-purpose product you can have in your home!

Our mouthwash is formulated with a unique patented ingredient, Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, which helps eliminate odors by dissolving food films, thus eradicating the true source of bad breath. This powerful ingredient is registered with the EPA, as an excellent bactericide, fungicide and antimicrobial agent. Peppermint flavoring is also added to Modere’s Mouth Rinse formula to give it a minty-fresh taste. Only 3 ingredients in Modere Mouth Rinse: Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, water, peppermint! 

My first suggestion is to purchase 2 bottles, one to use in your bathroom as a mouthwash and at least one so you can remove the lid and add a sprayer. Keep the spray bottles of Modere Mouth Rinse around your home for quick uses. Here are some ideas: 

  1. A mouthwash! The #1 use. 
  2. Use as a breath freshener.
  3. Use as a gargle for mouth issues or sore throat. 
  4. Clean or soak dentures.
  5. Use as an anti-bacterial spray for hands. 
  6. Spray on bug bites or allergic reactions. 
  7. Use on eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis to stop the itch. 
  8. Use for fungal infections, burns and cuts and abrasions. 

More uses in the bathroom: 

  1. Wash your makeup brushes and hairbrushes then spray with Modere Mouth Rinse. Amazing deodorizer!
  2. Use as your facial toner. 
  3. Great for acne and body spray. 
  4. Spray for a foot deodorizer or jock itch. 
  5. Spray on razor burn or shaving rash. 
  6. Cleans your makeup mirror. 
  7. Spray on your beard to keep it clean. 
  8. Helps get rid of lice in hair. 
  9. Use on shower curtains to the mold away. 

Modere Mouth Rinse is a MUST in the kitchen:

  1. Cleans fruits and vegetables. 
  2. Spray on fruits and veggies to keep them fresh. 
  3. Clean any storage containers or drink bottles and spray to remove bacteria. 
  4. Cleans your cutting boards. 
  5. Spray trash can so it doesn’t smell like trash!
  6. Spray fridge and freezer to remove odors. 
  7. Spray on hands to remove onion smell.
  8. When bottle is empty, use as a water bottle as Modere bottles are BPA free! 

Do you have a baby or toddlers in the home? 

  1. Great first aid spray for all the boo-boo’s. 
  2. Spray on baby’s bottom to get rid of that diaper rash.
  3. Make your own baby wipes. Cut a roll of paper towels in half and soak in Modere Mouth Rinse. 
  4. Use with vaporizer/mist units.
  5. Spray toys to keep down the bacteria. 
  6. Spray bottles and sippy cups.
  7. Spray around the toilet when toilet training. 

For your office: 

  1. Spray a cloth and clean your phone, computer and tablets. 
  2. Clean your eyeglasses.
  3. Cleans your whiteboard like it’s never been used! 

You have a dog and we know what having a dog brings into your home:

  1. Keep your dog smelling great with a spay now and then. 
  2. Spray on hot spots.
  3. Spray your pet’s bedding to keep it smelling sweet.
  4. Spray their mouth for their doggy breath. 

Around the house: 

  1. Removes stains, even red wine. Soak in Modere Mouth Rinse and wash as usual. 
  2. Use as an air freshener.
  3. Spray the air filter. 
  4. Spray on furniture, clothing and shoes to keep them smelling great and not smelly!
  5. Spray in luggage or your handbag to remove bacteria. 
  6. Spay in car and use on cloth to clean the steering wheel. 

As you can see, the list for Modere Mouth Rinse goes on and on. When you purchase your 2 or 3 bottles, let me know what your favorite use is! 


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